Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Ride Along with Business and Building a Community


Ever heard about Pick Me Up CDO? 

Well, they truly exist and have been serving our fellow Kagay-anon for quite some time. 

It was way back around the afternoon when I was walking out from the subdivision and got worried dahil for sure heavy traffic na.

A habal-habal driver asked me if I was looking for a ride. Hesitant at first, but I did try with caution kay super late na with my appointment. I was impressed that he made sure na safety first before and during our journey. 

While the traffic was heavy, he asked me if I'm aware of Pick Me Up CDO and heard about it. So, I said NO.  I mean no harm but I was amazed at how he advertised and market the business community. 

Oh! by the way, I got lucky 'coz I was talking to the PMU CDO founder himself! Mr. Anset Stark Lapasaran. 

He said some of the riders are from a well-known food and transport service, however, when the pandemic hit and the tight competition these days, it affects their source of income. This is one of the reasons why he built the business community.

"Ang amoa ra man jud pud ani mam kay maka-tabang mi sa mga riders na maka income sila para sa ila pamilya ug maka-tabang pud mi sa mga pasahero nga usahay maipit pud pirmi sa trafik or maglisod ug pangita masakyan labi na ug ting uli" - "he said."

Now, I'm sure you have a lot of questions about Pick Me Up CDO. I did ask him though 'coz I'm also curious myself:

1. How to book a PMU rider? 

1st-  A prospective passenger should be a member of the Pick Me Up CDO Facebook community.    

2nd- Once you become a member, you can now post/request a rider about your pick-up point and destination on the Facebook group. Makita ra right away ang post mo!  Sample: Pick-up point: AYALA CENTRIO  Drop-off: BULUA 

3rd- Your post will receive comments from legit riders, and all you have to do is to check notifications, choose a rider then communicate with him via msgr. P.S. kailangan mo talaga ng internet sa booking na to!  :) 

2. How will a passenger know that the rider is a legit PMU CDO member?

- Only legit riders are the ones using the PMU CDO logo on their FB profile picture. And of course, the ones who comment on your post are the legit riders. You'll experience it soon! :)

3. How will they charge or give a rate to their passengers?

- They are using a specific app to measure the distance and the rate. Php40.00 ang rate for the first 2 kilometers. They will only turn on the meter app once they arrive at your pick-up point.(parang taxi lang!)  Php12.00 addtl fare for the succeeding kilometers.  This only applies to a ride within the city, nearby areas, and uptown.  However, If ever a passenger is requesting a farther location (possibly outside Cagayan de Oro) passenger and the rider will have to come to an agreement for the fare rate or they can still use the meter. Communication is the key!

4. How safe is PMU?

- The admin and staff are trying their best to make sure the safety of everyone. Both riders and passengers. Pick Me Up CDO has been in the business for quite some time and has been serving our fellow Kagay-anons. Some riders will take a screenshot of the conversation with the passenger. Para iwas rin sa scam and passengers can also report to the admin for "pasaway" riders, and this will remove them as a legit rider of PMU and can no longer be part of the community. 

And by the way, they're not just your regular riders. You can also post asking for assistance buying groceries, medicine and etc. or if may ipa-deliver or pick up items if in case you can't go out or are super busy. It's more like they are here to help you make your life and tasks easier!

Do you have more questions or concerns about the Riders Community? Comment below or you can join Pick Me Up CDO for further details. (Just make sure to check and confirm the legit Facebook page and logo).

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